Intelligent Off Road Travel



  • Differentials: 10.5" ring gear. Rebuildable with-out removal from the truck (9" style).
  • Steering Front: Ported steering box with hydraulic ram assist. True road feel with 0 degree camber or castor deflection thru full travel.
  • Steering Rear: full hydraulic ram steering, digital display of tire locations.
  • axles: 1.5 ton
  • Hubs: Aluminum hubs
  • Brakes: Wilwood 4 piston calipers, Wilwood high performance 12.188" rotors
  • Differential skid plates
  • Suspension: Coil over shocks or CMS adjustable spring rate dual action system.
  • CMS custom computer and control center.
  • In-cab central tire inflation.

Technical Pictures:

Here are some examples of the things you can do with the suspension system.

Steep side hills or off-camber driving is likely to stop most people at about 30 degrees. At 40 to 45 degrees, most 4x4 vehicles will roll over. Our exclusive weight transferring system allows you to centre the weight of the vehicle over the tires. This has the tires dig in (versus a traditional suspension system actually pushing the vehicle over) and let you stay on your driving line, long after most other vehicles were forced to stop. Click here to see a short video of a CMS vehicle adjusting on a side hill.

Axles Neutral - notice how the vehicle is leaning over and the uphill springs would be pushing the vehicle over at a steeper angle. Axles adjusted - notice how the weight of the vehicle is centered over the tires. Tilted on flat ground This ramp is at 40 degrees, with one of our CMS staff hanging off of it.

Going up or down hills can have similar problems to a side hill. We have seen lots of trucks flip over because they could not see the terrain and took the wrong driving line. While an educated driver is the best prevention, you can adjust our vehicles to level out some of the hill. Leveling out the vehicle transfers the weight more equally over the tires, giving you better traction, allowing you to drive the hill at a slower, more controlled speed. Click here to see a short video of a vehicle adjusting on a hill

All our vehicles come with rear steering because you can go from open fields to dense forest in a hurry. This requires a tight turning radius and that means rear steering. It can cut the turning circle in half. On steep side hills on an off-camber trail, the back end of a vehicle has a tendency to track downwards and when that happens you are in trouble. With our vehicle’s ability to rear steer you can ‘crab walk’ up a hill. Click here to see a short video of a vehicle crab walking.

A CMS truck with 46” fully inflated tires lowering and driving under a seven foot garage door. (short video here)

Here are two vehicles with the same tires. The green truck has a standard axle. The red truck has a CMS adjustable suspension system. Notice how the CMS truck can go higher and has more clearance under the differential. The picture on the right shows the CMS truck lower and still drivable at that height. This adjustment takes about 2 seconds

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